Monday, August 31, 2009

Ian Ball and Sara Bareilles at C. Donatiello Winery Concert Series!

We had the great pleasure of wandering down Westside Road to C. Donatiello Winery this Sunday for some Wine and Music (this is becoming a trend... a good trend!)

C. Donatiello hosts a summer series of free concerts on their grounds. I noticed that Ian Ball of Gomez, a favorite band of mine would be playing so we went to see the show.

The venue is fantastic. The winery sets out tables or you can find a spot on the grass to set out a blanket and have a picnic while you enjoy some of their wine. On a nice hot day their Chardonnays were perfect (in moderation of course, Westside Road is winding and has many road users).

We caught a nice surprise as unbeknownst to us Sara Bareilles was also on the bill.

A couple of cool features to this winery. First - their garden is amazing. There are interesting edible plants used in a lot of different ways, from their trimmed hedges which are rosemary bushes, to the "moss" in between the stairs that upon closer inspection turned out to be Oregano, Thyme, Mint, Marjoram, etc...

Another cool feature - they allow dogs and babies :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rodney Strong Vineyards Concerts - Susan Tedeschi

This weekend I went with my wife and a friend to Rodney Strong Vineyards to see Susan Tedeschi at Rodney Strong's summer concert series. What a venue! A small grassy lawn perfect for laying out a blanket and having a picnic!

Caprese salad in Sonoma Co. At Rodney Strong watching Susan T... on Twitpic

I whipped up a little caprese salad using tomatoes and basil from our garden. Those without gardens made due with massive hauls from the Healdsburg Farmer's Market, seen in the background of Jackie and Jill enjoying some of Rodney Strong's wine.

enjoying tedeschi

Here's Susan putting on a show. There are "VIP" seats in the front for those who are less inclined to picnic (not me - I want to spread out and lay out a nice dinner!)

The season is winding down but there is still Hall and Oates(!!!) Sept 7. Rodney Strong is at the corner of Old Redwood Highway and Eastside Road, in between Healdsburg and Windsor.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Zucchini Races?

Seen at the Healdsburg Farmer's Market - Zucchini Races!

Wandering around the Farmer's market I stumbled upon what upon first glance appeared to be the local Cub Scouts doing the Pinewood Derby.

Zucchini races

But on closer inspection, these vehicles weren't exactly wooden! They were made from Healdsburg's finest Zucchini!

Zucchini mobiles

Far from being built for speed (many of the cars would not make it to the end of the track!) they were mostly made to look good, be funny, and for everyone to check out.
All the kids were winners this day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Emmy's Spaghetti Shack - now in Sonoma County!

One of my favorite places to eat in San Francisco is Emmy's Spaghetti Shack , a no-nonsense Italian joint with great food and wine at good prices. Huge portions, but I have become pretty one dimensional there because you just can't go wrong with their spaghetti and meatballs. Just a cut above anything I make at home - how do they do it.

Anyway, we were there last week and what to my wondering eyes does appear but this!


Emmy's is now in Sonoma County! Sadly it's in Sonoma, not Healdsburg, but if you are passing through Wine Country I heartily recommend Emmy's Spaghetti Shack!