Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fruits coming into bud in Sonoma County

We are blessed with many fruit trees at our Vacation Rental in Sonoma County , near Healdsburg. A walk around the property showed that we have the potential for a good harvest this year.

Pomegranates - which come in in September/October.

Pears - these get ready in the August timeframe and are pickable into October. We have Bosc, Bartlett, and Anjou pears.

Peaches! We are loaded with these babies that come in June.

Our seedless grapes look pretty good compared to last year, when a late frost hurt the bunches. Here's hoping these come in nicely.

Figs. The unusally warm weather in January has brought out some figs very early. Hopefully more buds will come out, but it looks like we may have some as early as June.

Asian Pears! We have 2 trees with Asian Pears - these are fantastic fruits and are very prolific in Sonoma County. They should be ready in July and be available for a few months.

Almonds. A bumper crop on our tree. Last year we only had a few and the squirrels got them! This year I'll try to defend them better. I think these, like the figs, are coming in early.

All of our guests are welcome to dig into these fruits, along with the apples that show up in July-August, the November Persimmons, June Apricots, and of course giant tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini that populate our vegetable garden!

Even if you aren't exactly Charlie Palmer, a good piece of fruit is a great snack to take out for wine tasting before you visit one of Healdsburg's fine restaurants.

For information on staying at our house - Le Tournesol - call Jill Murphy at 415-515-1095

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