Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Get paid to write a Wine Country Blog?

Guest Blogging - John Murphy

Murphy-Goode Winery is offering a dream job for the Twitterati - a job as "Wine Country Correspondent" to blog and tweet for 10k a month - to "report on the cool lifestyle of Sonoma County Wine Country and, of course, tell people what you’re learning about winemaking."

So you are saying that I am writing my primary blog and ghostwriting this blog for my wife (who is busy raising Murphy 2.0) for free when I could be making money doing it, and having the time to visit and see more of Sonoma County in order to find the content to write about? What am I doing at nVidia?

The Chronicle has a story on the "Really Goode-Job".

Pick Me! Let's see....

1) Blogger/Tweeter
2) MSEE. I don't consider my webwork to be of high quality - because I am too busy designing microprocessors to upgrade my html/cgi coding, but how hard can it be?
3) "live rent free in Healdsburg" - I can live at Le Tournesol and save Murphy-Goode some scratch.
4) Experience growing grapes!
5) "play the occasional game of poker with a laid-back staff" - I played in the 2004 World Series of Poker - winning my seat online. Good friends with Pro Poker players Andy Bloch and Phil Gordon. This doesn't mean I'll win ;)
6) John MURPHY - enough said...

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Do it.

I'd read it if you were writing it.

Jealous as hell, but a reader, nonetheless.