Saturday, May 2, 2009

Healdsburg Farmer's Market is open!

Today was opening day for the Healdsburg Farmer's Market which will be open Saturdays from 9 AM to Noon from May 2 until Nov 28. This market tends to lean towards local producers compared to other Bay Area markets that have a lot of Central Valley produce, and as such the produce stays very seasonal and you can chat about the area with the vendors.

Today is early in the season, the primary items were greesn - chards, lettuces, spring garlic. There were a few people with Oranges and Lemons which actually grow pretty well here, as well as Cherries - which I was very surprised to see.

In addition to the greens, there are cheese vendors - Pug's Leap and Spring Hill Cheese are regulars. A couple of Olive Oil vendors are usually present, including Deer Gnaw. Other goodies include Honey, ceramics, and grass fed beef.

A fixture of the market is "Dan the Tomato Man" from Soda Rock Farm just North of Healdsburg. GREAT tomatoes. Of course, at this time of year, they aren't in season - but Dan was selling starts. It was raining today so I deferred but next week I'll be picking up a few to add to the current stock in our garden. I did get my arm twisted and picked up a 4 inch basil plant - a basil plant I put in a month ago didn't survive a couple of cold days but they should be perfect now.

The Farmers Market is on Grove Street behind the Bear Republic Brewery Bear Republic Brewery so you can conveniently pick up some Racer 5 IPA to go with it.

I didn't take any photos since it was raining and it would not do the market justice. I did take a few photos of our own farmer's market at Le Tournesol. Mint, Parsley, and Oregano are in full spring blow up mode.

More importantly the tomatoes I already planted are starting to show a few blooms.

Come July we'll hopefully have big tomatoes like last year - as seen on one of the photos here. My goal is 9-10 healthy producing heirloom and sauce tomato plants to have plenty for us and our tenants alike.

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