Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Love Farms - Healdsburg California

This past weekend we were in Healdsburg and made a stop at Love Farms. In fact we made two stops!

First, on Saturday we stopped at Love Farms' market on North Street in Downtown Healdsburg. Love Farms has grounds in Healdsburg on Grove Street and sells the produce in their little organic produce market on North. That's local produce for you!


While my wife fed our son, I ventured in to see what was for sale.


Mostly cabbage, carrots, and greens. There were two lonely tomatoes and a few baskets of cherry tomatoes. These were not the wretched refuse - they were the early comers from the tomato season which is approaching at full steam with it at 85 degrees today in Healdsburg!

Those big white blobs on the bottom shelf are Ostrich Eggs! They have an Ostrich at the farm and sell the gigantic eggs. Note - they are $25 a pop!


The friendly staffer posed in front of their sign and the noteboard for their CSA boxes. Love Farms sells subscriptions to their boxes, $20 for small boxes, $30 for big boxes, discounts for longer subscriptions. Sometimes you can pick one up at the store on Fridays.

We sauntered over to the farm. The owner Ron Love was there but looked very busy so I was a bad blogger and didn't interview him. I did take a (not very good) photo.


They don't sell produce at the farm but it is a nursery with some very good looking plants and a nice variety of small fruit trees. Next time you are in Healdsburg and are looking to make dinner with locally sourced organic produce, give Love Farms a try!

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